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Project Management & Process Improvement Experience


Project MGMT has a passion for completing projects of many sizes while simultaneously finding areas for improvement to the organization along the way.  We're determined to break-through the "that's the way we've always done it" mindset to spark innovation that will increase morale to the workforce and increase revenue for the company.

Large-Scale Project Completions:

  • Warehouse Management System Migration

    • Worked with 15 departments across three divisions simultaneously by leading a Warehouse Management System migration project from Legacy Red Prairie to JDA, resulting in a successful migration with zero duplicate shipments and little down time for both the warehouse and company as a whole.​

  • Overhaul of the Return-to-Vendor Process​

    • Restructured the Return-to-Vendor process at a distribution warehouse for an e-commerce company, resulting in $2 million recovery in 18 months, 80% of which was pure credit back to the company.

      • Renegotiated 150 vendor contracts​ for product returns to better align with the organization's return policy with their customers.

      • Implemented lean six sigma methodologies for inventory tracking and accuracy initiatives​​

Medium-Scale Project Completions:

  • Corporate Training Program

    • Utilizing our creative team, ​we developed, organized and conducted training classes for internal employee transfers and new hires.

      • Created step-by-step training videos, written procedures and a training environment for new hires and seasonal employees to receive full training for Receiving, Picking, Packing, and Shipping jobs before hands-on training to help prevent any errors in customer's shipments.

  • Warehouse Receiving Area Re-Vamp

    • Planned a local warehouse's Receiving Department layout re-vamp using lean six sigma methodologies that has been projected to save $3 million in 5 years time.​​

Small-Scale Project Completions:

  • Creating & Updating Standard Operating Procedures

    • Created and updated Standard Operating Procedures for both warehouse and office departments​

Our Founder

Melanie Ruggero CEO Project MGMT

Melanie Ruggero, CEO | Phone: 630-276-3896

Many of us have heard of the phrase 'working smarter, not harder' and my mission is to take that a step further for companies by developing tools and mindsets focused on efficiency. My decade of experience in communicating with cross-functional teams and vendors through project management work, along with my meticulous analytical skills and understanding of lean six sigma methodology will ensure and create passion for clear communication, efficiency and cost savings throughout your company. Let's work together to transform your hard working organization into an efficient organization.

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